Rapid response architecture

‘RAPID RESPONSE ARCHITECTURE’ and 20 more subcategories in the new season of the international competition Eurasian Prize 2022.

Currently the humankind is facing critical challenges, such as pandemics, uncontrolled urbanization, poverty, isolation, social disadaptation, climatic and environmental changes, etc. These challenges highlight the role of architecture as one of the main creative forces that is capable of resisting the tendencies towards de-humanization and contribute to the transformation of society and strengthening of social solidarity.

The architects around the world are particularly distressed by wars, which cause catastrophic destructions and devalue the very essence of what the architects and planners do. Today when a terrible catastrophe is unfolding not only in our Eurasian home, Ukraine, but also in other «hotbeds» on planet Earth, military operations are destroying cities, and millions of people are being displaced, it is critically important to consolidate the efforts of the professional community and direct them at restoring the devastated areas and return the right to life in dignity and comfort to millions of suffering people.

By way of responding to these challenges and following its mission, the Eurasian Prize announces a special competition category, RAPID RESPONSE ARCHITECTURE, which is to demonstrate technologies and design solutions capable of quickly providing thousands and millions of displaced people, refugees, and migrants with comfortable living conditions. Moreover, the competition program of Eurasian Prize 2022 includes over 20 nominations focusing on the principles of humane architecture and sustainable development.

It is our challenge to counter the policy of boycotts and separation, uphold the solidarity of all progressive forces in our profession and provide a broad international context for this display of creative ideas and solutions. We invite not only professional architects, engineers, and designers but also students of creativity schools whose ideas may become the basis of effective solutions.

About the Eurasian Prize

Eurasian Prize is an international award in the areas of architecture and design presented annually since 2003. It is a unique non-profit project aimed at celebrating talented architects and designers whose efforts are devoted to creativity for the benefit of the humankind. Building on the success of the preceding seasons, in 2021 the competition extended its geography considerably covering all the continents on planet Earth with 42 participating countries. Thus the Eurasian Prize has become one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. The jury of the Eurasian Prize always includes international stars of architecture and design whose unique experience and profound expertise enable them to identify the best gifted professionals and promising new ideas.

Over all these years, the slogan of the Eurasian Prize has been "Innovation in architecture and design for sustainable development and for the good of humanity".Over the past nineteen years, the Eurasian Prize Awards has provided a one-of-a-kind chance for architects and designers to have their skill appreciated, and gained them international recognition and competitive advantage. In 2022, the Eurasian Prize continues to fulfill its mission, providing new opportunities and perspectives.

The program of the new 17th competitive season includes over 20 nominations in the areas Architecture, Urbanism, and Design.

Judging process

The judging process will be held online in two parts: February 2023.

Final events

The concluding events of the Eurasian Prize 2022 will be an awarding ceremony and an open summit of architects, urbanists and designers, ArchEurasia 2023. The key themes of the Summit will be the role of architecture in the contemporary world and how architecture could be used for transforming the society and strengthening social solidarity. The time and venue of the final events will be announced later.


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