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Shang Chen West Lake, Laureat of Eurasian Prize, provided by Face Decoration Design

The world is changing rapidly

The contemporary challenges of uncontrolled urbanization, poverty, isolation, social adaption issues, climatic and environmental changes are calling for a new development of the social environment paradigm. The need for creating a new paradigm in social environment development is dictated not only by the global challenge of the pandemic that the humankind is facing now. A widening gap in the theory and practice of the interaction between the authorities and the general public in the urban planning sphere, as well as a collective responsibility for the world which we’ll live in tomorrow, are pointing out the problem.

The community of architects, designers, urbanists are faced with inevitable questions about how architecture can contribute to the transformation of society, strengthen social solidarity and, at the same time, resist the trends of «dehumanization» of the surroundings. That is why, it is extremely important to initiate a discussion on Prospective Architectural and Urban Development, as well as to develop new solutions for prompt response to changing daily life needs as soon as possible.

“ArchEurasia” involves leading world architects and designers, city planners and economists, sociologists and philosophers, urbanists, representatives of city communities and government agencies. A free debate involving all stakeholders will make it possible to move from the general to the specific, from theory to practice, from global to vital, from opposition to an agreement with civil society at all stages of urban development.

Being distanced from the influence of ideologies and sectoral lobbying pressures, the “ArchEurasia” invites open and free discussion involving all stakeholders — who are not indifferent to the development of urban spaces, the creation of a comfortable public environment, who are working on this and on whom it depends.



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