What jury members, festival guests, winners and finalists say

- Christos Passas,
Design Director at Zaha Hadid Architects, UK

- Jeremy Smith,
RTA Studio and Irving Smith Architects

- Erez Ella,
HQ Architects, Israel

Ben Van Berkel

The EURASIAN PRIZE mission to connect international communities of the East and West is particularly appealing to me, as is the recognition of the importance of reclaiming a leading social, public and cultural role for architecture. The attention and promotion given to the most promising emerging talents in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design is also something I consider to be very important for the continuation of excellence in the profession. Design contests like the EURASIAN PRIZE awards can stimulate originality and healthy competition, as well as encourage the world of architecture and design to continue working towards new, relevant and socially responsible ideas, alongside as new production techniques and materials. Such awards can stimulate our profession internationally and encourage the will to become better.

- Ben Van Berkel, Founder / Principal Architect UNStudio. Juror of Eurasian Prize 2020

It is remarkable that the focus of The EURASIAN PRIZE symposium is on the study of the relationship between architecture and society. Unlike artistic creations, architectural design cannot be separated from the people and the society. It is fruitful not only to see various designs, but also to engage with architect colleagues through discussing, communicating, and debating. Thru this symposium as a platform, architects coming from different countries and regions have opportunities to exchange opinions, and share their views on architecture, and its significance to the society.


- Kris Yao, Founder of KRIS YAO | ARTECH. Juror of Eurasian Prize 2020

Architecture is the most visible proof of constant change in society, which is why it is so important to remain in constant dialogue with other communities, to seek, compare and learn from each other, so that architecture, as one transformer of society, can take on the challenges of today. Architecture should act as an activator, leading people from passive expectation to an engaged level of participation and attention. We feel that with such forums as the EURASIAN PRIZE a lot of attention is achieved. That is why I joined to jury member of the Eurasian Prize.


- Jürgen Mayer H., Principal J. MAYER H. und Partner. Juror of Eurasian Prize 2020

I am impressed that the EURASIAN PRIZE strives for socially responsible ideas. Different responses to context & sustainability are studied & projects that are exemplary in these aspects are duly awarded bringing recognition to the architects and more importantly publicizing how good architecture can improve lives and the environment. I think open contests have an important role, and is a democratic way of exposing new talent. The EURASIAN PRIZE will bring perspectives from around the world, and might uncover solutions that are obvious in certain communities but new to other.


- Sanjay Puri, Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects. Juror of Eurasian Prize 2020

Balazs Bognar

I was very impressed that during the award ceremony a lot of young architects and designers came on the stage. And most of them are from Russia. That is, there is a very strong and active architectural community. Among the winners were many women. This is amazing! In addition, the competition has a very attractive geographical location. I would even say – unique! This is the border of Europe and Asia. This means that in the future this forum can become an architectural bridge between the two continents, between the architectural communities from Europe and Asia. And there will be an exchange of experience and knowledge, which will eventually give a new fusion of architecture.

- Balazs Bognar, Partner, Kengo Kuma & Associates

We learned about the forum on the portal archdaily.com ahhh! We found the concept of the contest very interesting and decided to send our works. We decided to take part, because the jury was international, in its ranks were reputable architects. For us it was important that specialists of such a high level evaluated our work. We are happy with the holding, so many people, so many contacts, and a lot of interesting information.


- Shantanu Poredi and Manisha Agarwal, MO-of Architects/Mobile Offices (India)

When I found out that my project won the competition, I really wanted to come here. And everything that happens here is amazing to me: a warm welcome, interesting interlocutors, and a very rich business program. I am sure that both the forum and the competition have become important events. Thanks to these events, we learned that there is a region of the Urals and a city of Yekaterinburg on the border of Europe and Asia.


- Syed Fawad Hussain, Founder, Metropolitan Studio (Pakistan)

It has been a pleasure to be awarded and taking part at this event. The variety of events, exhibitions make this destination an epicenter for exchanging and building up an important knowledge and awareness to issues that are shared by all of us. Dialogue is crucial and having a platform of experts is necessary. There are multiple topics to be discussed potentially through a strategic project involving local and international stakeholders.


- Andreas Faoro, Founder, Architectural bureau UNLAB

- Simone Micheli, Italy

- Matteo Defendini, Italy

- Andrea Cingoli, CONCEPTICONstudio, Italy

Markus Forster

I’m delighted to celebrate the success of a German architect at the Eurasian Prize who has taken the first place in the Public Architecture category. Many advanced and promising projects have been demonstrated by the contestants. I especially marked the daring of the younger generation of architects and designers. I hope that the ties in architecture and design between Russia and Germany will be further strengthened and collaborations in this field will be fruitful.

- Markus Forster, Consul-General of Germany in Yekaterinburg

The Eurasian Prize is an opportunity to show your work to the demanding professional community and wide general audience. What I also find special is the Festival’s location, Ural. The nature of the region has an inexhaustible aesthetic potential, providing all necessary means to create beautiful landscapes resistant to environmental effect.


- Kira Kolmykova, Landscape designer from Yekaterinburg

Architecture students from Yekaterinburg continue to amaze! If our generation were capable of designing such astonishing projects and demonstrating them the same way, Zaha Hadid would have faced a stiff competition! but now the Ural students are coming. I would like to thank the organizing committee for such a useful and interesting initiative and wish the Eurasian Prize prosperity for the years ahead!


- Dmitry Boykov, Russian-German architect at DB-Arch Studio

I participate in every season of the Eurasian Prize, have been awarded several times. I like the awards program, the structure, and especially the transparency and fairness of judging achieved through anonymousness of entries as presented to the jury. As an author, I participate to test my skill and get independent estimation from the international jury.


- Alexey Afanasiev, Designer from Chelyabinsk, Russia

Federico Delrosso

I was a strict judge, because I believe that only the best deserve such a high award. Sometimes it was hard for me to evaluate this or that project, but I had a chance to see several truly remarkable works. Being on the jury board of the Eurasian Prize was also a reason why I decided to visit Yekaterinburg, which was an opportunity to get another perspective of Russian culture.

- Federico Delrosso, Italian architect

The awards gala was an impressive demonstration of a plethora of wonderful original projects. Participation in such a competition means a lot to me. It motivates me to work harder creating memorable projects. The Eurasian Prize opens up new horizons to young architects, boosting their creativity.


- Olesya Fyodorova, Architecture student from Yekaterinburg

The Eurasian Prize is an outstanding initiative that gives a boost to your imagination and expands your perspective! Our project that has taken the third place was designed for a real client but with a focus on the competition. We’re delighted to know that our work has been recognized by the jury. Our studio thanks the organizing committee and wishes prosperity to the Eurasian Prize!


- Dinara Yusupova, Ukrainian designer, Head of the U-Style Studio in Kiyv

We are very thankful to the organizing committee and jury of the Eurasian Prize. Winning the award in the Public Interior category for the interior of the Soluxe Club restaurant is an important milestone for our company. We wish the Eurasian Prize further growth and development!


- Evgeniy Permyakov , Architect at architecture firm Avan in Moscow

Alberto Rubio

I estimated all of the entries, some works were really noteworthy, and was glad to visit Yekaterinburg for the awards ceremony. The city impressed me a lot, and I’m happy to have had a chance to hand the award to the young architects who are now learning to fly. It was obvious that the organizing committee had put a lot of effort in arranging the competition and the awards gala. Everything was done perfectly, me and my spouse enjoyed our visit.

- Alberto Rubio, Spanish architect


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