Additional opportunities for participants of the XVII season

Eurasian Prize | 2022.08.01

From July 31 to August 31, 2022, each contestant of the XVII season of the International Competition for Architecture and Design "Eurasian Prize", who submitted an application in any competitive category / nomination, receives an additional opportunity to place the same project in another competitive category / nomination for free.

It's no secret that contestants often choose only one of the nominations for the reason of minimising the costs of participation. However, now the same project may well participate in another nomination without any additional fee.

For example, a contestant presents his project of a residential complex in the “Architecture” category, since, in his opinion, it is the architectural solutions that make up the main advantage of this project. But when developing a project for a residential complex, considerable efforts were made to design the surrounding space, the courtyard. And the advantages of this part of the project are no less than the actual architectural appearance of the building. In this case, until the end of August 2022, the contestant can place his application for participation in both "Architecture" and "Urban Planning" categories (the "Residential Environment" nomination), while paying the registration fee only for one category.

In other words, now the contestant doubles the chances of receiving the Eurasian Prize award - and at the same time does not incur any additional costs.

IMPORTANT! When filling out a bonus application in an additional nomination, the contestant should make a description and illustrations of the project corresponding to the nomination. So that, the same project can be presented in two categories with different sets of illustrations and descriptions.


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