Tatar legends. Returning home along the old road.

Location: city of Arsk, Republic of Tatarstan


Year of design – 2021, Сonstruction period -2022 The ancient town of Archa (Arsk) was located on the high bank of the Kazanka river. The Fortress of Arsk, a border outpost founded in the XII–XIII centuries by Volga Bulgars, was also located there. For the town and its citizens, this road has always served as a way home, where their parents and parents of their parents walked on foot, and today a new generation walks along it and returns to the town. The task of the project is functionally to fill up the territory, organize a convenient pedestrian and bicycle transit in order to return the street to convenient use of citizens and guests of the town. Commune Street is a projected territory that connects the northern and southern parts of the town, its center and periphery. It is the shortest way from the town entrance to its heart, a route that connects "green zones" of the town, - the station square, the large central park "Kazansu", the Kazanka river and central landscaped areas. The project assumes to preserve local peculiarities (regional craft, namely, mosaic made of leather, which has been preserved only in Arsk by individual craftsmen, and characteristic Tatar wooden carvings) and represent them in architectural solutions: small architectural objects, stalls. According to the project, the work on the site of "Station square" provides replacement of square surfacing, arrangement of bicycle paths, reorganization of the square by constructing a playground, shopping pavilions and rental stores (a pergola for those waiting and another one with a rental store), and transport waiting zones. Landscaping works on the site involve arrangement of flower beds and planting of fruit trees as the reference to public gardens that once were in the town. Тhis six months, the design area was selected based on the results of Internet voting, then two field public discussions were held with the collection of initial data and discussion of project proposals with residents, in-depth interviews with activists of the town were conducted, Internet surveys and questionnaires were launched, historical and archival bibliographic studies were conducted. The work was carried out by the region team of the Republic of Tatarstan consisting of the curator of the project, invited experts, namely economic geographers, specialists in the field of protection of heritage sites, culture, development of territories. The project’s authors team comprises architects, urban planners, specialists in participatory design, engineers, and dendrologists.

Head architect/designer:

Eduard Gubeev Petrovich

Other team members:


Alina Muratova Alexandrovna


Tansylu Khakimova Sakhabutdinovna


Marsel Kaiumov Ramelevich


Alina Muratova Alexandrovna


Tansylu Khakimova Sakhabutdinovna


Marsel Kaiumov Ramelevich

Company information:

Name: architect bureau M2M3
Location (Country, City): Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

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