The line of touches

Location: South Korea


The design site for the project is located on the border of North and South Korea. It is aimed at helping people who are in a difficult life situation. However, it is often possible to meet misunderstanding and rejection of people from the other side. “The line of touches” is an opportunity to gather people in one place. Common thoughts, ideas and life situations unites them but it is almost impossible to find like-minded people. One line and points of touches will help to connect and direct people to overcome life's difficulties and achieve thair goals. To cope with the negativity and tension between people through helping to others. To help rethink happening, draw the necessary conclusions, understand and accept someone who needs help. The project is conceived according to the principle of the construction set. There is also the possibility of adding, removing or rearranging several blocks (touches). You can also install them connected to each other all-over the line that will creates a long corridor. This system allows to change the pavilion for needs of people. In this way, people will equip comfortable places by themselves. After some time, the object will look completely different, It will represent thoughts and reflect an attitude of modern society.

Project supervisor:

Egor Orlov

Other team members:


Zhanna Pavelyeva

Company information:

Name: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Location (Country, City): Russia, Moscow

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