Multispace Paveletskaya

Location: Russia, Moscow


MULTISPACE PAVELETSKAYA Аddress: 1st Shchipkovskiy pereulok 5, Moscow, Russia Category: office, class A Total area: 3 920 sq m T+T Architects team: Sergey Trukhanov, Anastasia Abasheva, Polina Voevodina, Olga Rubleva, Svyatoslav Zabelin Photos: Ilya Ivanov   Offices were always planned to be huge open spaces with even rows of benches and similar cabinets or meeting rooms. In nowadays such office standard cannot provide high efficiency, especially in comparison with brand new office spaces, where wide variability of working areas and flexible services exists. Modern office has no permanent connection between human and his workplace. It should also be packed with distant work opportunities and equal availability of services for all. Agile transformation and Activity-based working concept are the basis of such approach. Multispace concept consists of two key elements: digital ecosystem and human-centered approach. We propose to build office space with horizontal team principles. There are no borders between ordinary employee and top manager. The feeling of community should appear not only between people, but also between people and office environment. Working space should be very flexible to provide proper transformation due to employee’s needs. The concept of functional workplace allow to choose working typology according to the tasks, that one should do right now. And while tasks change during the day – workplace also changes to inspire and raise one’s efficiency. As a result, we will get new type of professional relationship, where working process is constant interaction and cooperation and provide stable competence growth.

Head architect/designer:

Polina Voevodina

Other team members:


Sergey Trukhanov


Olga Rubleva


Anastasia Abasheva

Company information:

Name: Multispace Paveletskaya
Location (Country, City): Russia, Moscow

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