The results of the XVII season of the international Award in the field of architecture and design Eurasian Prize

Eurasian Prize | 2023.07.07

Dear friends, dear colleagues! All stages of the XVII season competition program of the international Award in the field of architecture and design Eurasian Prize have ended. The jury, which included the most famous representatives of the world of architecture and design from 16 countries - Bangladesh, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, India, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA - delivered their verdict, naming the winners in all categories. The Organizing Committee calculated the points in the People's votes, which determined the winners of the Audience Choice Award.

Traditionally the names of the winners are announced at the Award Ceremony. And it has always been like this, since the day the Prize was founded. We, the organizing committee, were proud that the final events of the Eurasian Prize were held in Yekaterinburg, a city that historically and geographically connects Europe and Asia. We were proud that we contributed to the unification of countries, people, cultures and promoted humanistic values, highlighting projects that make people's lives better. It seemed that the current season of the Eurasian Prize would not be an exception. But, despite the fact that creativity should be out of politics, we understand that it is impossible to hold final events in the same format in the near future. The division of countries and borders, the rupture of professional ties and the crisis of communications that arose as a result of the war raging on our Eurasian continent make it unthinkable and inappropriate to organize this kind of „architecture celebration“.

In this situation, the Organizing Committee of the "Eurasian Prize" announces the cancellation of all celebrations and announces the names of the winners of the XVII competitive season through the website, social networks and electronic mailing lists, prizes and diplomas will be delivered by mail (according to the terms of the Competition Regulations). Also, a Catalog will be published, in which the works of laureates and respected members of the international jury are presented. The catalog will be published both in electronic and printed form.

We say of the cancellation of celebrations with great regret, especially since the previous few seasons of the Eurasian Prize competition were accompanied by an expanded program of final events and the international ArchEurasia Summit, where pressing issues of architecture, urbanism and design were discussed for several days. At the same time, we fervently believe that the long-awaited peace will come to our Eurasian home, and next season architects from different countries of the world will once again, as in previous years gather at the solemn award ceremony for the winners of the Eurasian Prize competition and the ArchEurasia Summit.

We are grateful to all the participants who sent their applications for the competition, to all the members of the Jury who did a difficult and painstaking work, to all those who supported and continue to support the Eurasian Prize. Everyone who, like us, believes that architecture is a creative force that can unite the world.

With respect and gratitude Organizing Committee of the International Award in the field of architecture and design Eurasian Prize

View the list of winners according to the results of the international jury voting* List of Winners (pdf)
*some positions are hidden at the request of project customers

Winners of the "People's Choice Award" based on the results of an open popular vote:


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